Regular planned exercise has so many benefits but I am just going to talk about a few of them here.

Physical Strength and Fitness:  as we age our muscles begin to waste, our strength decreases and so does our fitness if we do not challenge our bodies to maintain this.  Participating in a strength conditioning program or performing high intensity interval training is a great way to boost our abilities in this area.
Higher Metabolism:  Regular exercise maintains and builds muscle ensuring the metabolism keeps burning as we want it to.  Lifting weights is a great way to maintain muscle mass and a healthy weight as we age.  Who doesn’t want a good metabolism right.
Mental Wellbeing:  When you exercise it makes you feel great!  Maybe not while you are doing it, but definitely once you have finished.  It invigorates the body and mind so that you feel happy, balanced and have the energy and ability to face challenges as they arise.

That might be all well and good but if you have not been doing regular exercise, or don’t know where to start what now?

The best place to start is an initial assessment where you answer a questionnaire and chat with a coach to determine your history, current exercise levels and goals.  This first meeting is free and if you want to take the next step and speak with a coach submit a request on the contact page and we will be in touch to make a suitable time.
Getting started is the hardest part…once you begin to feel great it is much easier to continue.