Mindset Coaching 


We all have the capacity to dream – and dream big – but it is our mindset that keeps us from moving forward and achieving what it is we want. As humans we are wired negatively, this is a biological thing that keeps us safe. In primitive times this would have kept us from being eaten by a wild animal or attacked by a neighbouring tribe. In these times, they had very different stressors than we do now.

Fast forward to modern living and we no longer have to worry about the same things. We live in a place where we have easy access to food, amazing technological gadgets to buy and many opportunities to connect with other people. This however brings with it many associated stressors that are very different to being chased by a wild animal. Mindset coaching looks to uncover the negative beliefs you hold, and to address and clear these to create a path to move forward.

Mindset coaching moves you from where you are to where you want to go!


The coaching process is a partnership between the coach and client to dig deeper and find the blocks that are holding you where you currently are. Making a change in your life is hard, no doubt about it, but it is totally possible, and with a CAN DO coach you will uncover the next steps for you and have accountability to get it done.

Performance Coaching


To reach performance excellence, in either your job or your business, requires purposeful direction and effort.  The first step is to work out what exactly it is that you want:

  • Do you want to make more sales?
  • Do you want to be promoted within your organisation?
  • Do you want to grow your business to the next level?

It is easy to go to work each day and go through the motions, but if you want to create something different than you have done before, you are going to have to think in ways that you have not thought before.  To achieve peak performance in what you do requires self-analysis, planning and a structured approach to move you forward and be able measure results.  Anyone can say that they want to achieve something more but it requires next level commitment to move forward and get it.

Working with a Coach in the area of peak performance helps you uncover the next step, holds you accountable to take the required actions and provides support and guidance when the going gets tough – which it no doubt will when you are going for something big.  Persistence is a vital component over time to achieve results beyond what you have previously thought possible and working with a CAN DO Coach keeps you on track to get there!

Group Training & Workshops 

There is something powerful about the energy in a group! 

Group coaching sessions allow the sharing of experience from the participants which leads to a richness and learning that is always different.  Each person has something unique to offer from their experience and being open to share allows people to gain the most from the session.

Workshops can be arranged on request or will be promoted via the website or social media.


If you would like a custom workshop for your group or team, let book in a time to chat to see what can be created!

Wellness Coaching

Many people I speak with want to make a change in their health, weight or overall wellness but don’t know how to do it. Most people are fed up with pills, potions and quick fixes and are looking for a long-term and sustainable solution.

We have some exciting news!!

Introducing Sum Sanos

 We now have confirmed evidence that habits can change weight and wellness outcomes.

Sum Sanos is a scientifically based program designed to help clients achieve long-term weight loss success and wellness. The program is backed by solid scientific proof and is the latest scientific breakthrough in achieving life-long transformation.

Sum Sanos is an integration of two major elements:

  • The latest habit based methodologies – and first of its kind – backed by rigorous scientific research and evidence, and
  • The key elements of a highly successful global coaching program build on sound psychological principles.

There is nothing else on the market comparable. We finally have a unique opportunity to change the world – for life!

Whilst the program is principally focused on successful weight management, anyone embracing the methodologies within Sum Sanos can transfer the new knowledge to other areas of their lives, including but not limited to: general wellbeing, fitness, healthy lifestyle, confidence, smoking cessation, self-care, productivity….the possibilities are endless.

To take the next step towards your own life-long transformation, complete your details below to arrange an information session to see if the program will work for you!

Working with your CAN DO Coach will empower you to stick with your goals, and get the results you are looking for – whatever they may be for you!

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The people I’ve worked with

Leanne’s initial session blew the dust of knowledge I had tucked away. Very motivating and an amazing opportunity offered to take on a life coach and make my dreams a reality.

Gained clarity about the steps to take to ensure I move forward towards my goals without looking over my shoulder to the past.  Consistent, disciplined action.

We had Leanne come to our business this week … she is wonderful, insightful, inspiring, challenging…. our team really needed to get our thinking caps on!  It was brilliant!!!

Leanne is amazing!  Leanne inspires me to be the best version of myself, continually encouraging and challenging me to push forward and believe in myself.  With Leanne’s coaching I was able to find the courage and motivation to finally quit smoking.

I’m excited to continue to work with Leanne to achieve the rest of my goals and live my best life.

Thank you Leanne!


I really want to say a huge thank you to Leanne for agreeing to be my trainer back in October 2017.  I knew I was ready for a change in my life and that I needed help.  Leanne really understands me and has approached my training from a long term goal perspective.  I have achieved so much more than my health and fitness.  She has shown me a sustainable way of managing my weight and emotions so I don’t fall back into my old bad habits.
Leanne is an inspiring and motivating person with such an awesome energy.  Her sessions are tough but tailored specifically to my level of fitness and I love the accountability.  I look forward to continuing to work with Leanne towards my goals!

“Truly amazing lady. A shining light in this tumultuous world. Thank you so much Leanne. I have so much hope now”

Leanne Garrett is the real deal. She leads by example and walks her talk.

Leanne is deeply passionate about helping people construct more fulfilling lives and having them believe that it’s possible.

She challenges you to go to the edge of your comfort zone because she knows that on the other side you’ll find growth and fulfilment. But she won’t just throw you in the deep end to drown – she’s there every step of the way with you, holding your feet to the fire to keep you accountable.

Leanne understands that our lives are built one choice at a time, and she works with you to make choices that serve your greatness rather than ones that deny it. When faced with decisions now I often find myself asking “What would Leanne do?”

In addition to having a healthier mindset, I can directly attribute two specific outcomes to Leanne’s influence. I entered one of my original songs in a songwriting contest and won second place. I have also begun approaching potential clients for my new coaching/consulting business.

I cannot recommend Leanne highly enough. She embodies the qualities we universally admire: relentless enthusiasm, dogged determination, and unfaltering courage in the face of fear. Some of that can’t help but rub off on you when you work with Leanne. She’s truly a beacon of inspiration to those blessed to know her.


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